NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 106

• The new farming techniques to increase production and productivity have to be adopted for
increasing yield.
• The marketing channels are to be exploited by the FPOs. There is a major need to build brand on
organic produce being cultivated by company office bearers.
• The FPOs are to be provided working limit through banks for their daily operations.
• Hiring of consultant by NABARD for nurturing these companies into effective profit making
enterprise. As professional guidance to these companies will go in long way in building of enterprise
and will work towards bridging of gap between company and consumers. It will also supplement
the efforts for capacity building, professional guidance. Further, constant guidance is available; the
same will result in better management of company, as the current approach of company is more
agrarian, than commerce.
• The capacity building efforts needs to be promoted for the smooth operation of enterprise.
• There is need for proper and effective marketing linkage. The inefficient and ineffective marketing
linkage leads to loss of remuneration to company.
• Developing few rural railway stations in every state as agricultural packaging hubs, which will help
farmers to fetch good prices in neighbouring states.
• All the KVKs, Argicultural office, Horticultural offices, Mandis, Agri University to be connected with
Agri Net, where price of various commodities is listed.
• Agrinet to intergate agricultural services at one platform, which will also reach smart phone like
Whats App platform.
• The latest scheme like PM Fasal Bima Yojana is good for farmers etc., and it should reach farmers.
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