NABARD - Student Internship Scheme 2016-2017 - page 99

• Limited outreach of “Farmers Field School” promoted under NFSMin bringing farmers under their
fold for extension services
• Removal of VAT Promotion of e-marketing on the lines of Bidar in Karnataka
• Pooling and Selling brings in higher margins to farmers
• Promotion of branding of pules by the existing farmers federations to improve the margins
• Working capital is the constraint for setting up Pulses processing
Major Recommendations:
• The supply of good quality seeds may be made to the farmers. Therefore, the focus should be on
proper implementation of seed village program.
• The farmers should be made aware of the benefits of growing pulses as an intercrop. So, more
awareness campaigns may be carried out by KVK’s and other NGOs
• A number of agencies are working in each sector. There should be coordinated efforts between all
the agencies to develop the sector as a whole.
• The issues of credit can be addressed through provision of assistance for establishment, expansion
and working capital as this can provide support them to set up processing centres.
• There is a need for a greater linkage of markets through cooperative marketing which can be tried
out on an experimental basis.
• There are currently only 49 FPO’s in the state as per 2014 statistics. The training programs can
be arranged for them in collaboration with institutes like ATMA and KVK’s to promote scientific
cultivation of pulses. These FPO’s must be promoted to ensure better institutional intervention.
• Since the red gram is a rabi crop farmers need to be made aware of fertilizer management of the
crops, to adapt to scientific agricultural practices like Non-Pesticide Management (NPM), organic
cultivation methods and proper irrigation methods.
• Another important intervention should be made in the way of removing VAT on pulses. It would
benefit the pulses farmers to a large extent.
• Promoting organic farming is also a viable intervention strategy. Increasing credit facility to
organic farmers and providing warehouse support through establishment of cold storage facilities
will encourage them to shift to organic farming practices. Also the organic pulses should be given
subsidies either in the form of prices or credit access.
• Currently the marketing facilities present are through open bidding and open sake of produce.
E-marketing will be greatly beneficial to the farmers as the farmers physically need not bring the
produce to the market, transactions will take place online including e-transfer of money totally
eliminating any malpractices. Also it will increase greater transparency in transactions.
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